8 years of doing the same thing at work experiencing the same thing over and over again. I didn’t mind as I’m already in my happy place and I have nothing else to prove to myself.

But there are times that I end up contemplating… is this all worth it? I mean, I’d get over it, but yes, there will be a few hours that I feel that I could really use a break.

Well, today’s that day. I have been overwhelmed about things – financial issues of the company and receivables, projects left and right, shoots, events, people resigning… too much really. I was actually in denial at first about being overwhelmed but now, I have realized that I really need to acknowledge that.


Because my daughter’s sick, and I got home late because I had a shoot.

My boss told me earlier to take a deep breath, and I said, “I don’t even have time to breathe deeply.” Yes, I kinda snapped at him. But it gave me the opportunity to tell him that this is too much. While I didnt say that the pressure help make sure business is good is quite heavy, I know that he knows what I’m feeling because he has been nice to me lately.

So here I am, with a glass of wine, thinking, hey, maybe I should take a break.

But when?

When things get better.

But when will things be good enough?

End of an Era

I have been fascinated with Sherlock Holmes ever since I watched the BBC show 2 years ago. Since that series has ended (damn you Marvel, for making Benedict and Martin too busy to make another season), I decided to give Elementary a chance.


When this first came out, like 7 years ago, I was skeptical. Why on earth did they make a female Dr. Watson? And Sherlock? He used to be that stoned dude in Trainspotting. Why him?

Anyway, fast forward to 2018, watched Season 1 over at Netflix… and I never looked back. It was still on point. Sherlock was brilliant, but had a history of addiction. Watson was a doctor, who became part of Sherlock’s investigative world. But they were made to be more human. Sherlock had to get over his dependency on drugs and still function as one of the best detectives in the world. Watson was there to support him – in his job, and at the same time as a friend.

Here we understood further why Sherlock had an animosity with his father and brother. Why Moriarty (without giving out too much here) became a huge part of his life. For Watson, we met her family, why she ended up being who she is, and how she bloomed from being a supporting player to a lead detective. 

We saw Sherlock fear for his life, and for Watson’s too.

We met the other 2 people who made Sherlock’s world complete – Capt. Gregson and Det. Bell. We met Kitty, their little sister, and Sherlock’s sponsor, Alfredo they really don’t seem to have much impact to the storylines, but they were able to define who Sherlock is.

A great show, that sadly, ended just recently after 7 seasons. It wasn’t canceled, it was just the right time to end it, given that the lead actors are already doing other things.



Would love to see how things are in a special limited run series soon.

But for now, it’s just doing another round of all seasons for me. I am still in denial that it’s gone.

Thank you CBS. Thank you JLM and LL. This was, for me, the best.


Messaging Etiquette

Apparently, there are still people, even with good educational background, who are not familiar with messaging etiquettes.

One mistake it their use of whole sentences in ALL CAPS. They would think it's them EMPHASIZING points, but what they are ignorant of is that ALL CAPS MEAN THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING ESPECIALLY IF THE ENTIRE SENTENCE IS WRITTEN THAT WAY.

Here's my source.

One instance was when a client of mine got frustrated and used it to me and my team members in our Viber Group. When I called his attention, he said that it's just for emphasis and that I shouldn't be too sensitive.

I wanted to correct him again, but it will become fruitless so I just decided to ignore that statement. The sad thing is, while this is a discussion about etiquette, I was deemed too sensitive.

I was reminded that I will not win an argument with someone ignorant.

Now I want a drink.

an anxious mother

Two things that made me anxious recently:

1. My daughter’s first plane ride

2. My daughter’s first day in school

A backgrounder: my child wreaks havoc when she is in an unfamiliar place, in an unfamiliar situation.

So for her first plane ride, the ever paranoid mama,  I made sure that we were prepared. We brought her favorite toys (Moana, Merida and Hei Hei dolls), her favorite food (M&Ms), her books, her videos (she is device-free, but for this trip, I made sure I had Moana, Frozen, Hanson’s new music vid, and Brave in my phone), and her trusty binky in our carry-on.  For every cry, tantrum, shout.. we had something for her.

But as soon as we got to the airport, she was awed by how big airplanes were, she was excited to ride one of those giant machines.  While waiting for boarding, she slept so she wasn’t too fuzzy. Then during take-off, she laughed with glee… We only had to get her Merida doll from the bag she wanted toy strapped on her seat.

We went to Boracay for a few days, and I must say, this was the best ever trip we have ever had as a family. We had our well-behaved baby who loved the sea and breeze, and she would easily fall asleep when we rested.

She really is a child of the ocean.


sand castle

On our way home, weather was really bad so there was strong turbulence, and top that, we weren’t able to land on the pilot’s first attempt. Imagine my anxiety and fear building up. But Emma, the best daughter in town… had a great time. Although she was pretty scared of the rain that she could see outside the window… so we had to turn on the device for some dose of Brave.

Now if only she can sit still when she gets her photo taken for her passport (a failed attempt last December that’s why we ended up going on a domestic trip this year).

Yesterday was her trial class in this preschool near where we live.  I made sure she had her snacks, she’s dressed appropriately, and that her mom and dad were there the entire time. I was stressed!

But, again, what a trooper. while she screamed when she didn’t see any of us in the room, she seemed to have a good time.

Emma Eating

At home, we couldn’t make her eat… but in school, look. Pointing up

She participated, made friends and played.



Regular school starts in a week.

My husband and I had a moment yesterday, when we realized that we now have a big girl at home. Someone who doesn’t just like being with mommy and daddy. Someone who wants to experience new things and meet new people.

Such a big girl.


My husband’s bestfriend passed away a few days ago, and while we are trying to feel his loss, I couldn’t help but pine over a line that I read in the 90s. 

It was from Donnie Wahlberg.

Life is too short to worry about the wrinkles on your jeans.

Workout viewings

Since I couldn’t run outdoors lately due to Emma, work and the weather, I make it a point to do my cardio 3-4 times a week at the gym.

But it’s the most boring thing ever – you know, spending 1 hour on the treadmill seeing the same effing restaurant outside the window.  I would sometimes drag myself just to get my money’s worth on fitness.

Then one day…

I discovered that I can actually watch videos on my iPhone and burn calories at the same time. Even mastering it while running on the treadmill.

And so far, these are what I have seen:


Unfortunately, I am one of those that got into the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson craze late. I thought it was just a fad given that there were girls (and guys) who swoon over Benedict Cumberbatch. But fortunately, I decided to watch the first episode of Season 1- then  I got hooked, finished all episodes, even the Abominable Bride, in about a month.  And am now on my second run, finishing off Episode 1 of Season 3.

It’s a fantastic show. I’m sure you know what it’s about, so I will just say thanks to the writers and creators (I love Mycroft, he’s the funny one, really).

Favorite Episode: THE FINAL PROBLEM (Season 4, Episode 3)

Favorite Quote:  “He’s (Sherlock) a good one.” – Greg Lestrade (Those who watched the very episode will surely love this line.)

Favorite Character: Dr. Watson

Image from Den of Geek


If I wanted a break from the exciting episodes of Sherlock, I watch “This Is Us”. It’s really a little bit too dramatic for me, but I like how the three kids interact with one another and the people around them, how they make it a point that they keep their father’s legacy, and how their father reminds me of my own husband (sans the alcoholism).

The dad (Jack Pearson), played by Milo Ventimiglia, is wonderful, he can make any wife cry.

There are a lot of tearjerker episodes, and sometimes, I tend to slow down on my cardio work out to savor the moment.

Favorite Episode: JACK PEARSON’S SON (Season 1 Episode 15)

Favorite Quote: “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break. And our love story? I know it may not feel like it right now, baby, but I promise you, it’s just getting started.” – Jack Pearson (Milo V performed this scene really well. He melted even my cold tired cardio-exhausted heart).

Favorite Character: Jack Pearson – Hey, he really does remind me of my husband.

Image from MetaCritic


Because I was an avid fan of the series, I decided to see how the characters are after 10 years.

Rory was irritating… I don’t know why. Maybe because all she does is ruin things? I guess. Lorelai is the same, who knew that people can’t really grow up even after 10 years?

But Emily bloomed. Maybe the scenario called for Kelly Bishop to shine, so we saw her transform from the Emily we knew, to the Emily we want to be.

Favorite Episode: FALL (Episode 4)

Favorite Quote: “I’m not broken. Maybe just a little chipped.” – Lorelai

Favorite Character: None. But if I had to choose 1 – Michel.

Image from Hello Giggles


At first I was apprehensive in finishing this series, because I felt that it was too dark for me.

Then I started seeing reviews that encouraged me to keep on watching. And I’m glad I did. 5 women – wives and mothers. It’s not Desperate Housewives, it’s so much better. You will see how they interacted with each other, how they are in the community, and how the community saw them. In the end, it’s about them being able to survive an ordeal that created an impact in each of their lives.

The popular opinion is that Nicole Kidman slayed in this mini-series. But I think, everybody did.

Favorite Episode: YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED (Episode 7)

Favorite Quote: “What people don’t tell you is that you lose your children. As beautiful and wonderful as you are now, the little girl whose hair I used to detangle and had bad dreams and used to crawl into my bed? She’s gone. I guess that’s what I’m feeling a little bit. Compounded a little bit by the fact your sister’s going into the first grade. I’m losing my babies. Which has been clinically compared to a massive period, I think.” – Madeline (Coz I’m a Mother)

Favorite Character: Bonnie – because she has always been the firm one.

Image from HBO.

I’m currently following Riverdale and Designated Survivor, but I don’t think I can still give any opinion about them – so let’s wait until their season enders.

Still thinking if I should watch 13 Reasons Why… I think it’s gonna be too heavy for my taste. But let’s see.

i am amazed that i can still survive


When I was a kid, and that means anytime before I got married, I thought life was pretty easy. You get married, have children, work and live a life.

Oh my oh my. After almost 3 years of being happily married, with one kid, anything can make me stressed.

The baby.

Our place.

Keeping fit.

What to cook.

Her birthday.

His birthday.





Her food.


My team.

Other teams.

The company.

Other companies.


I can’t say if a 1-week break is enough for me to reset, but I’m looking forward to my annual family trip. This is one time that my husband and I can relax with Emma.

Superwoman needs a break.

What is happening to live writer

Thumbs down I am wondering why Live Writer has deteriorated. 10 years ago, it was the best thing ever for blogging. I wonder what happened… Plug-ins are gone. The writing window looks weird and it seems to have bugs.

I need a new writing client. Any suggestions?

Baby Carrying

As what I have mentioned in my last post (which was more than a year ago…) with the new baby, I had to make sure that I can walk around and do stuff even if I am with her and that I had her stuff. Last year, I didn’t have a nanny, so if Emma was not in my mom’s house during work days, she was always attached to me.

So I got to experiment and find the best baby carriers in town.



One her first month, since her head and back were not strong yet, I tried out the ring sling. I got one from Mamaway and you know, my back and my arms were very grateful!


See – http://mamaway.com/collections/baby/products/ring-sling-baby-carrier-rainbow-mocca

I went to the zoo wearing this and it was great. 

However, the downside was it was hard to assemble. And I had to do adjustments often in order to make sure it’s snug.



When Emma turned 1 month, and could be carried ala kangaroo, I used the K’Tan, which was a gift from one of my girlfriends. It was even cozier than the ring sling, and very easy to use.  I got the Breeze variant so that Emma will not feel too warm inside.


(See – http://www.babyktan.com/breezewrap)

Another reason why I love it? It’s as if Emma was hugging me the entire time.


When she got a little bigger, I made her face in front so that she can explore the world with me.



When the Baby Bjorn that we ordered from the US arrived, it was time for papa to wear our baby, and he had a blast.


(See – https://www.babybjorn.com/baby-carriers/baby-carrier-one-air/?attribute_pa_color=sort&attribute_pa_material=mesh)


It was even easier than the K’Tan. And it’s right for my husband as well. From then on,  going to the mall was easy. No need to cramp ourselves in the mall elevator with the stroller.


Overall, I can’t really pick a favorite carrier. Because in every stage of a baby’s life, there was one that will serve its purpose.  But one thing I can say is that wearing a baby is one of the best things in the world.

Mama Bag

Since I would carry my baby , along with some other stuff like her bottle and diapers… I decided to use a backpack as my purse. I can actually wear her (baby wearing, another topic), and place everything, including my wallet in a small backpack.

My choice is the Herschel Liberty Ware

It’s a bit pricey here in Manila, but it serves its purpose.

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