my toy has a new bling!

nah, i think for now, let’s say that it’s my new boyfriend — my daily companion, my constant therapy, my reliable pal and source of everything beautiful…

for sometime now, i’ve been made to smile and giggle by Rebel…. yes, the CANON REBEL XTi.


i got this spur of the moment, as i am happy with a cheaper 350D or Nikon D40x… but with my brother-in-law’s coaxing, i got the much better, user-friendlier, 400D Rebel XTi (sorry John Mayer, you may have the Nikon 200D, but then, my REBEL, although very simple and not as professional-looking, can take mean/kick-ass photos. see my photos pages for the proof — of course with the help of a couple of filters and lens).

anyway, i hurried home today (after having a few bottles of beer with my buds), because i wanted to check if my package has arrived… and true enough, it came! Rebel’s new BLING! so what is it? a battery grip! been wanting to get one since my friend, igor, the  forever photography god of my time, has been trying to convince me to get one (ok, i don’t really know why). but according to this website, the battery grip: Canon BG-E3 Vertical Grip/Battery Holder holds up to 2 battery packs NB-2LH or six AA batteries to offer double-length shooting time. The vertical shutter release makes shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as shooting horizontally.



will try to see what this baby can do tomorrow when i take photos of my officemates (for an artistic, very important — note sarcasm — ID photo shoot).


for now, let me admire my camera’s new sexy look…



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