never underestimate the power of "one scotch on the rocks please"

i failed to post something yesterday. no, it’s not because of sheer neglect. it was because of a scotch-filled night.

i was invited to attend the johnnie walker black label formula 1 party at the silvercity, this huge party/motor place found in ortigas, about 5 minutes away from where i live. so since i don’t have anywhere to go on a friday night (no more NUVO nights for me — obviously), i decided to go.

since i am used to doing bar events, i knew that the party will start at 11pm, even if it said 10pm on the invitation, so my friends and i had a few bottles of beer in this small hole in the wall. when we got to silvercity, i got my free jwbl with pepsi max and started to socialize since i knew a lot of people who attended or were involved in the event. then after about an hour of mingling, i uttered the words that almost killed me… “one scotch on the rocks please”.

after that, all hell broke loose. i remember rushing out of the venue, leaving a dj-friend i was talking to earlier, going to to the ladies’ room and never coming out. one thing led to another…. dunno what happened next except: 1) i rambled on regarding who to call “gian”, “karl” (i thought i was in nuvo, sorry force of habit), “God”; 2)  i was carried to my friend’s car (while i kept on telling them to “hide me as there are people who know that i do events like these”) and; 3) i puked my guts out.


my learnings:

1. NEVER MIX! (i should have known better — it’s drinking 101 for crying out loud)

2. stick to beer and tequila rose

3. be true to my word when i say “i can’t handle scotch, in any form”


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