my HK adventure

so as i have whined the past few days, i’ve been actually ranting non-stop regarding this trip of mine. as i write this post, i am currently waiting to board my plane to shanghai, and since the FREE WIFI is something scarce (as i couldn’t connect), i decided to just make a draft using my windows live writer (see how much i love it!) because when i get to shanghai, i’ll be to tired to even set up my computer…

anyway, so what about this adventure? i’ve been to hk about hundreds of times that i actually have a favorite place there (granville… what else???) but this is the first time that i had difficulty MY ENTIRE STAY there.

it all started when we (my boss and i) arrived the hk international airport, and our contact person has not gotten back to us regarding our hotel (WHY SHE DIDN’T SEND A MESSAGE VIA MAIL EARLIER — THAT I DON’T KNOW). it was about 10pm, and we were so tired, and when we checked the hotel services, almost all the hotels were fully booked. and those that were vacant cost more than US$600, a night. see, i’m just a simple adman whose client has yet to pay us for this trip… so by 11pm, with no hotel yet, we boarded the cab and went to lun kwok hotel where my good friend brenda was staying (I JUST REMEMBERED SHE WAS THERE) so that i can bunk with her and my boss can get his own room.

when we got there, that’s when BOOM, i got an SMS regarding our original hotel details… WHAT TIMING. so fine, we were by the HK island, and we had to go to kowloon because that was where the hotel was. the next day, we had to run from what place to another because our itinerary was scheduled well  (italics = sarcasm). so by the time we ended, my feet were killing me and i probably lost 10 pounds. THEN we had to move to a new hotel since the one we had was fully booked for the night… so with our luggage in tow, we went journeyed 2 blocks to move in to a small hotel. small is an understatement…

the day after this hotel-moving adventure, it was back to running for us, and this time, i had to air out my disappointment and frustration to our contact, “i am fine with my pace, and i do not run to a meeting. i normally schedule it well… that’s what i call time management.” obviously, i’ve had enough.

tomorrow… my shanghai adventure.


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