while waiting for 3pm

lyrics game


01. Are you male or female?
~ She’s Always a Woman (Billy Joel))

02. How old are you?
~ Secret (Madonna)

03. Describe yourself:
~ Wonder (Natalie Merchant)

04. How do some people feel about you?
~ Crazy (Seal)

05. How do you feel about yourself?
~ My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer)

06. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush:
~ Hurts so Good (John Mellencamp)

07. What would you want to say to him/her?
~ I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (Stevie Wonder)

08. Describe what you want:
~ Satisfied Mind (Jeff Buckley)

09. Describe how you live:
~ Something’s Missing (John Mayer)

10. Describe how you love:
~ So Real (Jeff Buckley)

11. Describe your mood right now:
~ I Want Someone Badly (Jeff Buckley)

12. Describe the perfect kiss:
~ Take My Breath Away (Emma Bunton)

13. Describe your dream house:
~ Tailor Made (Colbie Collait)

14. What is your favorite color?:
~ Another Kind of Green (John Mayer Trio)

15. Describe your perfect kind of weather:
~ Cool (Gwen Stefani)

16. What is your favorite number?
~ One (U2)

17. What do you look for in a girl/guy?
~ Honesty (Kaskade)

18. If you could be any place now, where would it be?
~ New York State of Mind (Billy Joel)

19. What’s great about evenings?
~ Midnight Bottle (Colbie Collait)

20. How do you want to live life?
~ So Much In Love (Sheena Easton)

21. How do you want to die?
~ Happy (Saving Jane)

22. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
~ Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Bananarama)

23. What’s your kind of high?
~ No Such Thing (John Mayer)

24. Describe your perfect date?
~ When it Rains (Paramore)

25. What/who are you thinking of?
~ Hey Mr. DJ (Zhane)

26. What are you afraid of?
~ Like You’ll Never See Me Again (Alicia Keys)

27. Define Love.
~ Games People Play (Hank Williams Jr)

28. Where do you wanna go?
~ Top of the World (David Ryan Harris)

29. What will you tell your crush when you finally meet him/her?
~ Light My Fire (The Doors)

30. Why are you answering this?
~ Sitting Waiting Wishing (Jack Johnson)


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