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Leica M8 10.3MP Digital Rangefinder

  • Low-noise 10.3-megapixel CCD image sensor specifically matched to the compact lens design
  • Full compatibility with nearly all M lenses means unique imaging performance
  • Incorporates rangefinder system with its advantages of discreet and quiet operation, speed, and precision
  • Future-guaranteed raw data format (DNG) and the raw data converter Capture One LE
  • Main settings clearly structured in menus on the bright 2.5-inch display
  • Manufacturer Description
    The dream of many Leica photographers has come true: the Leica M system is now open for professional digital photography. Breaking completely new ground, the LEICA M8 doesn’t only look like an M–it utilizes all the benefits of the analog Leica M system for sophisticated and creative digital photography. It is the only digital camera for professionals to incorporate the rangefinder system with its advantages of discreet and quiet operation, speed and precision. And the no-compromise quality criteria of the M system continue to apply to the M8. Full compatibility with nearly all M lenses means that their unique imaging performance is now available for digital photography, too. The low-noise CCD image sensor with a resolution of 10.3-megapixels has been specifically matched to the compact lens design to guarantee superlative photographic quality. The controls and functions of the digital M still concentrate on the essentials. The proven M concept is complemented by the intelligent extra functions that digital technology has to offer. The LEICA M8 is the first timeless digital camera “Made in Germany”. Fascinatingly new and yet still a real Leica M.

    Exceptional performance in every detail
    For Leica, image quality is not only a catchword, but a value attainable by optimizing all the links in the performance chain: Leica’s M high performance lenses, now performing even better in the digital system with the new 6-bit coding. The low-noise CCD sensor which is specifically matched to the extreme requirements of the high-resolution M lenses. The future-guaranteed raw data format (DNG) and the raw data converter Capture One LE, acknowledged as the best. This combination of high-quality individual components ensures maximum image quality.

    Concentration on the exposure. Not on the controls
    A lot of care, many years of experience and extensive knowledge about how professional photographers work have gone into the operation concept of the M8. Due to the concentration on the essentials, operation is simple and intuitive. The LEICA M8 deliberately dispenses with multifunction keys and nested menus. All the main settings are made in clearly structured menus on the bright 2.5″ display. For detailed quality control “on location”, RGB histogram and clipping warning can be used on even the finest details of the subject.

    New creativity: Flash photography with the M8
    The modern metal-blade slotted shutter enables extremely fast flash synchronization times down to 1/250 second. The new M-TTL flash technology ensures natural flash illumination through the activation of a metering pre-flash. The auto slow sync. function now allows available light exposures without camera shake in aperture priority mode combined with a natural fill-in flash.

    Product Description
    The Leica M8 is the the first Professional Leica Digital Rangefinder Camera. It features high picture quality even with high ISO settings, with logical, leica-typical intuitive functions, all in a metal housing made of highly stabile magnesium alloy, available in black or silver chrome.High Resolution:The minimal noise CCD was optimized for the special needs of the M-lens system & offers a high resolution of 10.3 mio.pixels. The special adaptation of the sensor with micro lens offset helps to avoid disturbing vignetting in the corners of the pictures. A very thin glass covering obstructs unwanted light by diagonal light.Full Light Efficiency:It is now possible to take much more detailed pictures with high sensitivity up to 2500 ISO, as never before with analogue film.Concentrated & Intuitive:The M8 features only the most relevant photographical digital possibilities. The functions such as time automatic & the manual focus in combination with the preserved rangefinder principal were maintained. A simple & intuitive menu allows for setting on the 2.5″ screen in only a few steps.Rangefinder:The Leica M8 has a bright light frame for the 24 & 35 mm, 28 & 90 mm & 50 & 75 mm lenses. Through the focal length extension factor of 1.33x, the effective focal length is from 32 to 120 mm. This makes the use of the APO-TELYT-M 135mm/f3.5 not recommendable. The viewfinder magnification corresponds to 0.68.

    and it’s $5,995.00 — and we’re just talking about the kit.


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