so this guy came to my house at 2am and brought some bottles of beer. he just wanted “company”, he said. i thought he was with a common friend so i immediately said no, until, the guy told me that he was alone… the minute i told him that THEY COULD COME OVER. too late for me to take it back (still in this prim and proper, lady-like state where in i hate offending people).

i’ve known him for a while but i don’t even remember if we ever had a long conversation between us. so, i was a bit weirded out… and i was able to validate that yes, he IS WEIRD.

he’s a serious person, who doesn’t share the same interests i have such as music (and to think he used to be a radio jock!), who was more interested in getting to know my family, my dogs (but i could honestly see that he was not comfortable with my retriever), my work, WHICH WAS A BIT TOO MUCH FOR A 2AM VISIT! we never even dated!

and the worst thing happened… he hugged me tightly and tried to kiss me (i repeat… WE NEVER EVEN WENT OUT ON A DATE!). so i moved my head and he ended up kissing my forehead. haha.



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