ok i can’t go to miami this weekend, so maybe i should just start saving

…for me to afford his board and lodging here (about $5,000) before we head off to an all-expense week’s stay at amanpulo (that’s $10,000 per cottage/night so that’s a whopping $70,000)


NOT TO MENTION $350,000 for a one-hour performance inside a rented private resort.

3 Short Videos: John & David Live in San Francisco Jan 24

A friend was in San Francisco over the weekend with her pharmaceutical company for the launch of a new drug when they were surprised with a live performance by John Mayer!

Mayer jammed for an hour to a crowd of about 2,500 people and a new guitar was brought out to Mayer for each new song he played. It’s rumored that Mayer got a whopping $350,000 for his appearance!

Mayer joked around with the crowd saying he’d purposely covered up his neck to hide hickies!

i’ll make sure that i bring a scarf for him — in case of emergency.


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