still having a bad day, so more of my jm indulgence


Even if you know what you want to do with your life, there is no next day delivery service for it.


I´m not any better probably, but I know how to be better, I know what it takes to be better.


Cause it’s life, and you get dirt on it, and it’s not how long you go without getting dirt on you, it’s how you deal with it when you do.


I realized not very long ago, that all the scars that I had and all the things that were messed up on my body. The thumb doesn’t work like it used to, stupid little accidents in life, or stuff you said you wish you didnt say, brings you to where you are. And you look in the mirror one day and you go ‘well, it’s not exactly what I was thinking about, but i’ll take it.


Sometimes you just have to squirm to get ahead in life. It’s like you’re a worm..slimy and long. But you’ll get through the dirt. Keep squirming.


Done & dusted & self conscious & back to work.


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