fortune teller

last tuesday, my friend and i went to this fortune teller at the pan pacific hotel because she (my friend) heard that she (the fortune teller) was good. and the ever curious me, i went along.

i won’t write what they talked about, but i’ll share my experience here.

the venue was a hotel. and apparently, she’s a mainstay in one of the cafes (i’m sure the establishment gets a cut on her fee — pretty steep if you ask me).


and the first thing i noticed was that the fortune teller had a special cloth draped on her table (special because it was only her table that had a cloth on it — notice my table didn’t have any).

and the next thing i noticed was her signage. it looked like the ones notary public lawyers have on their desks.


well, i definitely enjoyed the night. with my friend who excitedly shared the outcome of their conversation, and my 4 bottles of beer while i tried to grasp the idea of actually going out of our ways to see someone who can foresee stuff.

was she for real? well, i’m not really one who will believe in these things, but somehow, her words were exact. but as i told my friend, i’d gladly waive any form of fee as whatever the lady said to her, was what i have told her about a dozen times. 😀


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