my father’s land

it was my first time to visit one of my dad’s lands in batangas and i was pretty blown away with its vastness. the first thing i said to him was, “wow, papa, you own this?” actually, the lands are owned by his side of the family, as they were invested by my grandma (or lola, as we called her, when she was still alive).

this land is abundant with sugar cane, and this is actually cool as sugar is one of the plant products that make the province pretty rich.

so, after me, my parents and their friends finished eating the shrimp, veggies and fish that are somehow cultivated in the property, i had a wonderful time taking photos and getting some rural naptime.

however, just like in the movies, i met farmers who’s sole objective is to protect the land that my dad entrusted to them, so they had weapons. yep. saw them, got scared and felt as if i was in one of those colombian drug haciendas that i see on the big screen.


this is my dad, with his 2 loves (well, aside from me, my mom and my sibs)

My father, his tractor and his kids


yep this is still his

Lead the way.png


behind the gate is partly his as well

Outside the Gate is Still His


and he only has one tractor. weird.



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