woohoo! good job, johnny boy!

Today, February 12, 2008, 37 minutes ago | Alissa R

Think Paris Hilton can get anyone she wants? Think again.

At Sunday’s Sony BMG post-Grammy party, Hilton, 26, “aggressively tried to hook up with” John Mayer, 30, the New York Post reports, “following him around and dancing, trying to get him to look at her.” A source told the paper: “At one point, she sat at a table and tapped on the seat to motion him to sit next to her. “John politely sat for less than a second before ignoring her and moving to chat with a group of friend.” The rejection wasn’t the only blow for Hilton this weekend: Her new comedy, The Hottie and the Nottie bombed, opening to $9,000 on 111 screens, or $81 per screen, Box Office Mojo reports.


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