a little bit of valentine’s day thingy

i know that i’m sorta anonymous here (sorta because there are some posts that one can actually tell who i am), but i just had to place this post here. it’s by a friend of mine who is also an award-winning writer– i am a big fan of his blogs. and here’s one reason why.

The Ex Factor (Valentine Post for Valentines Past)

They who at one time or the other set your heart-a-fluttering.

The Exes. Them whom you’ll say, “I may never pass this way again.”

Good thing, if you can be still civil to them.

If somehow your paths cross with your respective Y’s, tagging your current flames,

You can still manage to introduce each of your own Y’s to you both who are now X’s.

But let that moment happen, not on a day a pimple grows on your face.

Hope when that time comes, you are in your favorite wardrobe.

Woe to you, if you don’t have a current flame during this unexpected “hello.”

“You’re looking good,” is a patronizing way of declaring, you’ve moved on.

You’ve moved on to the point that you can still exchange sweet compliments.

Then, as hands are shaked for the uncomfortable social exercise of introductions,

A quick scanning of the one who still somehow, you feel is competition,

Without noticing the look from head to toe, if you look better than the replacement.

Hopefully, you do. It’s that “look at me now” triumphant feeling,

that “look what you’ve lost” feeling.

But what if your ex looked so much better than before?

You begin to wonder, “why did I throw this person out of my life?”

Looking better now make you feel your relationship before must’ve been bad,

You looked worse when you were together.

Then your currents size up your exes, with their thought balloons saying,

“so, that’s the one you’ve been with before.”

So keep this coincidental, uncomfortable situation brief.

Then walk away, give an immediate sweet nothing to your current, or the grasping of hands,

an assurance that you’re happy now that you’ve found a new love.

Don’t look back. Past is past.

But think of it this way.

Every ex you’ve had makes you wiser.

So you can handle your current better.

And who knows, maybe this time, it’s forever.

Crazy little thing called love.

Crazy little thing called pain.

Crazy little ones called exes.


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