freaky woman thing

the notorious PMS…

guys hate it as they are usually the shock absorbers.

subordinates hide in their cubicles so as not to be part of the syndrome.

friends shut up when they see a hint of this monthly visitor.

the woman would just wish she could stay indoors and hibernate while she has it.



oh everybody hates it.

guys especially. a male friend of mine once told me that he hates it when girls use PMS as an excuse for their weird behavior. but hey, whatever they say, we really do have this certain chemical imbalance that makes us all tender — physically and emotionally.

and we agree with every man in the world. PMS SUCKS.

but if there’s one thing that i really do hate about it is not the PRE, but rather, the POST. why? well, i have to get over the fact that i was a bit nasty during the PRE stage and at the same time, while at POST, i have to lose all the weight and the water that has retained inside me… it’s really killing me.

i hate POST MS.


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