and the oscar goes to…

oscar award

since i am not a movie buff, all i can comment on is the awards show, not the winners

so far, the main winners that were called were:

marion cotillard (who thanked love and life when she won the award)

tilda swayton (who shouted “you rock man!” to george clooney, my love — sorry john, i’d drop you for him)

and the hot hot javier bardem (who gave a nice message to his mom, in spanish)

worth noting:

– the montages of past winners (and still being awed by ben affleck’s, matt damon’s and cuba gooding’s speeches, plus laughing all over again upon hearing julia roberts scream on stage when she got her award)

– jon stewart (but i think he should downplay the political stuff)

– josh brolin and james mcavoy introducing the nominees for best adapted screenplay using unforgettable lines from different noted movies.

– jack nicholson was still a favorite subject/banter partner of people up on stage

– snippets of the oscars, the past 80 years

– cate blanchett is gorgeous

– jon stewart giving time to acknowledge the “long speech busters”, the orchestra

– the standing ovation (they are not that generous with these things in this show) when the honorary oscar was awarded to robert boyle… old people make me cry…

can’t wait for the “the oscars remembers” segment. i’m pretty sure i’m gonna weep like a wet puppy here.

the show is going smoothly, i feel that it’ll be less than the expected 4-5 hour run. but i’m ready with a book if it runs longer than what my patience can take.


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