i only learned the title of that song today

the maroon 5 song that everyone who went to the concert knew by heart… and that’s “i won’t go home without you”. i heard that it’s actually a huge hit. well, it didn’t hit me, so i didn’t know it.

last wednesday, my friend and i went to see adam, james et al for their one-night concert at the araneta coliseum, it’s the only indoor venue that can house a massive amount of people who go and see the big acts who are brave enough to come here. now here are things that i should note before i go on and talk about the show:

1. the last time i saw a concert was in 2005, when i was part of the team who handled the brand that was the major sponsor.

2. the last time i was at the araneta was 2 years ago when my alma mater tried to beat it’s arch rival, to no avail.

3. 3 hours ago, i was at a big pitch, so i was in corporate attire and i had my laptop with me

4. i took the train, from the central business district to the venue, smack in the middle of the rush hour.

5. my ticket was for SRO

we were at the 4th level of the coliseum, the view was great as we were by the side (i could even see the tattoos on adam’s arms), but since only digicams were allowed, i had to bring in my 3x zoom, 4 mega pixel ixus. so the photo below didn’t do any justice to what i really saw:


the venue was packed! a clear sign that maroon 5 had a huge base of fans here (to think that in the blogosphere, there were still a lot who were not able to watch and were very verbal about their frustrations). see the proof below (again, my digicam sucked — there was no zoom control for the vid recorder):

since i only knew 4 of their songs, i was not able to really feel the show, unlike the rest of the crowd who sang with adam, especially during this song.

see? i knew some parts of the song, but it was only until i googled it that i knew what the title was.

here’s one that someone recorded from the front row.

the crowd was great! i was totally awed. they knew each and every song. i believe adam mentioned that this was the best crowd of their asian tour, so far.


adam levine was so charming, he started the show by saying that he only knew 3 tagalog (our language) lines: 1 to 4, i love you and good evening. of course, we were all so thrilled. his voice was amazing, not powerful, but very consistent.  a seemingly clean-mouthed dude, nothing offensive came out, all he did  was do a little banter and headed straight to a song. the pleasant surprise there was that he is great with the guitar, i didn’t really see him before as this guitar-slinging dude.

james valentine, wow man, he totally blew my mind. he was so great the entire time, and i realized that he was the other star of the band as adam actually introduced him to us 3 times! everytime he’d do his solos, i was mesmerized, i got lost with the music and for me, the valentine moments were the highlights.

however, my favorite part was when they closed the last song. let me show you why:

in the end, i had these mixed feelings:

– frustrated because i couldn’t completely relate.

– exhausted as i was wearing heels.

– giddy as i saw adam’s guns!

– amazed by valentine

– happy because I SAW MAROON 5 LIVE!

over-all, the show was great. it went beyond my expectations.

another reason why i loved it is that the tour crew was amazing. there were people everywhere, and for someone who stages events here, i was so overwhelmed with how everyone made sure that they have one incredible show. there were roadies everywhere: to handle adam’s guitars, to take care of valentine’s guitars, to make sure that a setlist was properly placed near the band members’ feet, to work on the right timing of the lights, to man the soundboards, to control the crowd, etc. each and every person had a specific role that made everything spectacular.


look at the sound guys


it was worth my money, i may not be a fan, but i actually wished i was at the lower levels in order to have a more memorable experience.



Quote of the Day:
Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from.
–Peter McWilliams


One thought on “i only learned the title of that song today”

  1. Wow!! I wish, we were there with you…

    My husband and I just went to Maroon 5 live in Bangkok on 3rd of March for our 1st year anniversary .I was very impress with how great the band,music and esp. Adam’s voice were.
    The concert can’t compare with your because agency (I meant event maker) did so many mistakes ex. lack of ads-> not packed crowded, bad sound engineering->people in the back didn’t enjoy!!

    in the end, i had same mixed feelings:

    – I wanted to sing along every song.

    – exhausted as i was dance and move all the tim

    – husband amazed by the drummer

    – happy because I SAW MAROON 5 LIVE! that close coz i was at 2 row in the middle but the worse thing is my husband (He’s British) didn’t bring camera coz it’s said in the ticket we can’t (but everybody in the hall had it, took photo, recorded vdo)

    Next time I will go to Philippine for Maroon 5 live!!
    Thank you very much for your review!

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