he’s on a roll

sarcastic, much?

very funny, i actually laughed when i read this. sometimes, really, one has to be brutally humorous to get a message across, especially if the in-your-face tactic doesn’t work. i’d do the same thing, believe me. if mayer was a friend, i’d encourage him to keep on doing this until they all bleed.

there’s a saying that we filipinos use, and it translates to: if the heavens cast stones onto earth, those who feel that they got hit must not get angry.


A Very Personal Message To A Certain Someone

March 09, 2008

If there’s anything my fans know, it’s that I love using my blog to communicate directly to certain people in my personal life. Call it one of celebrity’s great perks. Who can forget such entries as “Please Pick Up More Yoplait” and “Hey Gary, Good Workout”?

I thought I’d send one more message out to a very special person. You know who you are, babe. I’m sure I could call you to tell you this, but I might as well wait until you stumble on a blog tucked deep inside a Japanese language website.

March 9, 2008 07:46 AM

what made it more hilarious were the video tags he placed in youtube: Rihanna, Please Don’t Stop The Music, John Mayer, Brute Strength, Good Listener, Perfect Man.

what a guy!


One thought on “he’s on a roll”

  1. i don’t get it!

    hi amanda! go and read his 2 last blogs before this one, and you’ll understand. some people feel that he posts messages for a specific person, so he decided to diss them this way.

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