scandals on this side of the planet

for days now, manila has been jolted by a man who was duped by his lover… apparently owing him millions of philippine pesos, and running away with it. so what does this man do? he posts all of the dirty laundry of this high society group, where his ex-lover is part of, called the gucci gang. most of the juicy posts are gone, and only a few were left, but as one person who knows how to open the cached copies of the deleted pages, i got a chance to read them. why, you may ask? well, everybody’s talking about it and i want to find out why.

the gucci gang. who are they? well, i don’t really know these people from adam, but i would see them in the society pages of top magazines and dailies here and on guest lists of the club events i’ve handled in the past — but other than that, i know nothing about them. i am not really a social butterfly, and in fact, i never really cared about them until the scandal broke loose.

sex, drugs and alcohol. who would’ve thought that those 3 words have already gone beyond rock and roll? now they’re actually, supposedly, part of a circle of high profile people.

the scorned lover. hell hath no fury like a gay man scorned. and he seemed to feel that he has the aces, so one by one, he laid them, for everyone to see. his words were strong, his allegations were serious, his accusations were fierce and his opinions about the gang members’ looks, status, jobs and even their own “members” were, in my opinion, hilarious.

i never really expected this type of scandal to come out, as i am used to local filthy showbiz rumors and some questionable government-related transaction stories. and each of the posts somehow became an eye opener for me regarding society. anywhere in the world, there will always be a local version of paris, britney and lindsey lurking around, and whether or not these stories are true, they have now been embedded in my mind and will definitely pop up from the core of my brain when i see/read/hear their names the next time.

so do i believe what the mad ex-lover wrote? well, let’s just say that i read the posts until the end only because i found them entertaining (as compared to the on-going senate inquiry on some other god-forsaken scandal involving public servants). if what he said were just made up, then he better hide as he named names, most of them having images to take care of. if, on the other hand, they were all true, then good for him as in my opinion, i find it really weird that a bunch of people would name themselves after an extremely expensive brand, obviously flaunting their wealth.

high society


Quote of the Day:
Alcohol, if taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication.
–Oscar Wilde


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