responsible blogging

the gucci gang hate blog is up again. as i tried to read the posts one by one, i have come to realize how heavy i felt everytime i’d finish one entry —  as each of them were written with too much hatred.

and so i end my indulgence now. it is not an entertaining site anymore because all i could see are never ending tales of disgust. it has reached its saturation point as far as i’m concerned.

but let me give my 2 cents’ worth on it before i hang my coat.

blogging is a way for all of us to share our deepest thoughts, opinions and views. here we can say anything about god-knows-what, creating our own personal freedom wall. this channel is one of the greatest inventions of man and it has made us get to know the writers in us. however, in my opinion, as part of being human, responsible blogging should still be maintained. yes, we are free to post about anything, but i believe blogging should not be used to wash your (and others’, for this matter) dirty intimates just because you were on a vengeance. at the end of the day, once everything has died down, and your objectives have been addressed, your words are still out there and you can never erase them from the minds of thousands of people who have come across your site. you have forever destroyed lives (sons of satans or not), smeared names and said too many things.

blogs should not be written with blood.

all i’m saying is, if your objectives can be addressed by other, more sane means (i.e. the police, the LAW), stop yourself from opening your laptop and logging on to your blog account. make sure your dignity will always be intact and avoid pounding on your keyboard while you are in a vindictive state of mind. because again, you will never be able to take your words back.

soon, when everything has been settled, you will understand what i mean.

that is, of course, if you are on the side of morality. if you are just a heckler or your posts are mere lies, then my 2 cents’ worth above will not have any value, really.


2 thoughts on “responsible blogging”

  1. this is practically agreeable. freedom is not absolute. there are always consequences (good or bad) that even plain bloggers or non-journalists should observe.

    for me, “responsible blogging” is about being honest/true to your words and actions, even to the extent that you might end up in jail or worst be tortured to death by your haters.

    well, i maybe exaggerating. but on a lighter mood … it doesn’t hurt to smile on simple sarcasms. and blog readers always have the option to discern what’s internet junk and what’s not. whether they will let other’s hatred to get into their nerves. n_n

    scaredofrevolvingdoors: hi holy kamote — to each his own as it has already gotten into my nerves. 🙂

  2. i’ve just read parts of the infamous(?) famous(?) blog. what struck me most were the cruel and disrespectful comments of the readers.

    i am not sure if what brian is saying is all true for we know that there are always two sides to a story, well maybe even three.

    with the blog averaging 60,000 hits a day, its google cpm is running amock! ang laki na ng kita ng blog!… and all because we love tsismis and rejoice in the woes and misadventures of fellow pinoys.

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