evil people on the road


it was 8:30pm, i was tired, i was a bit stressed out at work, so all i wanted to do was go home.

since i didn’t have a driver anymore (i have yet to get a new one since i don’t drive), i’ve been riding the cab for the past few months, and this i have to say, i have always been a low-maintenance passenger, and i would always let the cab driver keep the change. even if there are times that i end up having an a**hole for a driver, i’d still be patient and civil.

but tonight was very different. 2 drivers got into my nerve and i had to do something about it.


driver 1:

when i got in the cab and told him my destination. he squirmed, made a face and complained that it was out of his way, but he said he’d take me to my house anyway (which was about 10 minutes away from my office).

so off we went.

he took a wrong turn, so i had to tell him him, you know what he did? he screeched the car and swerved and told me off! now, he said that my place was out of my way, right? SO HE MUST KNOW WHERE IT IS! he kept on ranting, so i shouted and told him to drop me off immediately.

he stopped the car, and before i got off, i had to say this:

“you were complaining that it was out of your way, so you should know where it is, right?”

he gave me this excuse that the place he knew was no where near mine.

i cut him off –

“at your age, you should know how to respect people. and you sir, with the way you were to me, do not deserve even an inch of respect. “

then he said sorry

“isn’t it a bit too late now???” i said. then slammed the door and started walking.

unfortunately, i was at a dark place and this was where people died due to a stampede a couple of years ago (i don’t believe in ghosts but man, my imagination has gone wild!) i had to walk to find a cab, and after about 30 minutes of walking, i finally found one (if only i walked towards my house, then i guess i could’ve avoided another mad cab driver experience).

This Is Where Your Taxis Go

driver 2:

when i got in, he was still smoking a cigarette. i smoke, mind you, but i do respect people who did not light up inside the car.

i asked if the cab company was the one that had a phone number.

he didn’t answer, but threw away his stick.

now, this driver is one hell of a mario andretti. he swerved, he cut corners and he even tried to beat the red light!

plus man, the way he’d just smirk when i gave out directions, the way he was so fresh when he asked me questions on where to go. really annoying.

but i told you, i’m a patient passenger, so i let it pass (plus i really wanted to go home already). when we got to my house, the fare was only 50 philippine pesos, so i gave him the exact amount. he didn’t deserve any extra pay, right?


there must be a way to get these people off the road!



Quote of the Day:
You can tell the character of every man when you see how he receives praise.
–Lucius Annæus Seneca


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