so they really do read your messages!

so my favorite blogger posted another entry, and this time, he gave us an update on his iTunes error report to the customer service guys back at apple inc.

what a cutie.


Report: The Report

April 01, 2008

Several days ago I posted a blog detailing a rather lengthy yet obnoxious crash report I sent to Apple computer. The underlying question was “does anybody really see these things?” I have to admit that I never once considered that the answer would be “yes, numbskull, they do.” And so, about four days later, I received an e-mail from my manager saying that Apple was at my service.

Word of my problem initially made it’s way to Apple not by way of my public profile, but by a technician receiving the report as they would anyone else’s and passing it along internally until word reached my friends at the company.

(gulp) So, uh, hey everyone? The report function works.

Turns out Apple really does read crash reports, and takes them seriously enough to have a department whose only objective is to log, group, prioritize and resolve bug issues. One of the technicians told me that in some cases they’ll ask a customer to send in their device while sending out a replacement immediately. And in the most extreme cases, they’ve been known to send a technician to a customer’s home.

Says the tech, “We take crash reports seriously on our side, because for us it’s just like being able to talk directly with the customer while the problem is happening. The information that we get from the automated system is perfect for helping us solve the problem, and obviously the customers comments can take it one step further.”

Hey, I wonder what this button doe-


April 01, 2008, 01:50 PM

well at least we’ve learned something here.

oh and by the way, mayer, good save.


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