i’ve tried every approach to life. i bought a bunch of stuff. and was like, nah. that’s not it. thought id shut myself off. maybe that’s cool. maybe that’s what you have to do to be a genius, you have to be mad. if you get the word ‘mad’ from the word ‘genius’ then maybe you’d make the genius appear. but that doesn’t work either. and im in a good place. i’ve seen some cool stuff. i’ve made a lot of stuff happen for myself.

but what i’m trying to say is i’ve messed with all the approaches except for one. and that’s just love. i’ve done everything in my life that i wanna do except just give and receive love.

i don’t mean like a roman candle fireworks, hollywood, hot pink love. i mean like…no matter what, i got your back love. i don’t need to hear i love ya. some of the people who say they love ya, are the last to have your back. so i’m gonna experiment with this love thing. i know it sounds corny, but its the last thing i got to check out, before i check out…

we got your back john!


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