last weekend i met 3 men

they live in busuanga in coron, palawan.

and all of them can be found at seadive resort.

 A town in paradise


chris is the diveshop manager

kevin is the resident dive instructor

and john is a dive master student


these 3 guys had different backgrounds, but shared one special thing — they fell in love with coron.

  This is Coron


their love for the place was so great that they left their lucrative careers for its sake.

chris used to be a lawyer in washington dc.

kevin used to be a professional diver in the uk

and john, a former english teacher in china.

  No Other Place


they only planned to stay in the island for some rest and relaxation…

but when their individual vacations were over, they decided to stay.



one may be appalled by this drastic decision that they made, but pondering on it further, i know that while i was shaking my head as i reflected on my conversations with them, deep down, i am really jealous that they have found their happiness in this simple life, and that everyday, when they see this view, they know that they have found their place.

 This is Paradise

*Photos taken by Scared of Revolving Doors


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