another open letter…

hi there, you cute thing.

i just saw this photo of yours in hiroshi fujiwara’s blog (sorry i cropped out your friend robert because he looks exactly like my former creative director in this ad agency i worked for).


i loved your calmness, your smile, your hair, your white shirt (i love white shirts in general), the bags under your eyes and even that scarf you’ve been wearing lately.

but then someone pointed out something on your left arm…

remember when photos of you wearing that thing started popping out in different websites, there were a few people who told you to cover up? i think they meant to say “wear some decent clothes” (i actually told you to use a guitar instead, remember?) and not “cover yourself up with more tattoos”.


thought i won’t be able to get a photo of your tats, huh?


good thing you’re one amazing musician and my admiration for you is huge — so the song, “BORN TO BE WILD”, finally stopped playing inside my head.



scared of revolving doors


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