one hour away from me.

i can easily go there.

imagine, a chance to finally catch him play, live.


life is unfair.


CitySeen: John Mayer is coming to town, but only for a privileged few

It seems that popular American singer-songwriter John Mayer is headed to the city next month. The good news is he’s coming to do a performance. The bad news is that it will only be a private party.

The outfit inviting the artist, whose CDs include Heavier Things, Room for Squares and Continuum, is the accessories label Coach.

The brand seems to be emphasising its young Americana appeal lately by way of the celebrities they are latching onto. Earlier this year, they brought over actress and pop singer Mandy Moore, and now they’ve invited the 30-year-old US folk-pop artist to jam at a concert party on May 30.

The venue is not confirmed yet, but make no mistake, it will be an exclusive invitation-only affair.

In addition to being a pretty cool singer, Mayer is a noted guitarist, sports-shoe designer, amateur stand-up comic, and perhaps of most interest to the People-magazine masses, he dated Jessica Simpson for a while.

You have one month to schmooze your way into this gig.


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