see how stupid spam replies are

i know that spam replies are automated, but sometimes, i do wish that whoever started the automation would quit being stupid. i got this comment on one of my posts:

This is a nice Blog. Thanks for the info. I have to tell you this, I found my beautiful filipina wife at I hope you find also a beatiful filipina there.

what info? filipina wife for me?







2 thoughts on “see how stupid spam replies are”

  1. Yeah. youre right. But I want to know on how they create a spam message. We cant say that these people are morons. I think spam technology is a human intelligence. If you cant do it, you are dumb. Maybe some bright persons can create a spam.

    scared of revolving doors: the dumb thing about it is that the messages end up on sites that are so irrelevant. so if the spammer is bright and uber intelligent, he/she should make sure that the spam goes to websites or emails that are relevant to his/her message, right? c’mon, he/she has time to spread spams, why not allot more time to put some worth to it?

    i dunno how to do it… because i’m not a spammer.

  2. Ok. lol. Spamming is nice but they cant understand the topic of blog they’ve posted thats why the comment is irrelevant. They are posting some comment that is not related to your blog. I found a link there, i have visited the site and i found that you can send unlimited sms for free to anyone.


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