this was a bit mean




harder than I thought, releasing a work in progress like this. Usually these sorts of things never go further than my kitchen or my car, but it seems to me as the walls are down on all things digital and seeing as I’ve never gone wrong sharing music with people, I consider this an experiment. And a thank you.

I consider myself lucky for several reasons, but after walking back into my apartment after a week of writing and recording music, I’m most lucky that I have a craft to hold onto in my life. I can’t fathom what it would be like to be in the public eye and not be able to pick up a guitar and remember who I am and what I do for a living. (That’s not to knock anybody, silly press rabbits. I’m sure the other way is fun, too.)

And to answer the question, the record will come out when it’s great. So who knows. See you around and thanks for playing.

Be Good To Each Other.


*NOTE – I originally posted a different song but it felt like a cop-out. This one is as unfinished a performance as I can ever post. Even the lyrics aren’t set in stone. Have at it!


it’s just off that he posts the initial song, let it linger over the net for a few minutes, then pull it out — disappointing and confusing the hell out of people who are monitoring his next post since he promised them that he will blog about his recording day as it happens.

yeah, he posted a replacement video, and i am grateful for that. but at the end of the day, i am very frustrated over the one i missed, the one that has a heart-tugging title.

this is what i’m talking about, the video he posted on youtube and on his site:


and this was what happened when i clicked on the link, 40+ minutes after he posted it:


oh well, it’s his work, his life, and his blog site.

whatever floats his boat.


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