funny or die? nope, it’s youtube

these 2 videos, although very irrelevant to me, are so funny that i had to post em.

the first one, which is about john’s US tour plans, is very straightforward, but one funny eensy weensy detail is that if you go to its youtube page, you’ll see that it’s filed under “comedy”.


while the second one, a public service video he made with steve jordan, is filed under “music”, with the tags “john” “mayer” “steve” “jordan” “election” “day” “great” “service” “to” “USA”.

what’s more, in this vid he is encouraging everyone to vote, but he intentionally missed out on one fact, which made steve laugh that infectious laugh. i’m sure you’ll be able to tell what it is.

that’s what makes his sense of humor more of an acquired taste. he does it subtly, out of the blue, spontaneous, yet will still require you to wonder/think/reflect/research/review, before you get the punch line. i love it because apparently, this is how i am as well.



this reminds me of that time i was having drinks with some colleagues during the advertising congress.

a few hours after, when everybody was about to leave, this person whom i just told me,

your jokes are always 2  steps ahead of us, we have to try to keep up with you or else you’ll leave us behind.

when it was just me, my boss and our creative director having some sort of nightcap, my boss finally muttered,

i think she’s a bit delayed in getting your punch line… it only goes to show that she’s not part of our sphere of intelligence.


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