a funny thing happened on their way to a baptism

if there’s one thing that i love… it’s those insane, but safe, practical jokes. of course, i make sure that i do it to someone who:

1) is cool about it

2) will just laugh and say “next time, i’ll get you”

3) is always in that vulnerable state… at all times

my friend, benjo, reminded me about that time that he and his friend were talking about a baptism that they were invited to.

the friend asked what they should wear, as it is his first time.

now, before i go on, i gotta tell you this… since it’s so hot in the philippines, day events, unless it is stated, should be casual in terms of clothes. so it is not a big deal if you see people (even god parents) wearing jeans and t-shirts in a ceremony.

so benjo, who was in his best element at that time, said that the norm is to wear barong tagalog.

what’s a barong tagalog? it’s the equivalent to the coat and black tie ensemble in the US.


it’s a formal attire for men. its fabric is stiff and one has to wear an under shirt since it is see-through, so imagine how hot it is to wear it!

his friend believed him.

on baptism day, noon time, while everyone was wearing their usual casual clothes, here comes a guy…

…wearing a barong,entering the open-air venue.


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