my hairy thank goodness list

i am vain in only one thing — my hair. and from from my straight flowing locks, i have started the year with one nice jessica simpson-like hair. but here’s the thing, as someone who has OCD when it comes to the “crowning glory”, you can only imagine the stuff i do to maintain this perm of mine — regular treatments, haircuts and tons of hair products.

in my shower rack, there are 5 bottles of shampoo and 5 tubes of conditioners, while on my vanity, there are mousses, volumizers, cuticle protector, moisturizers and creams — and that’s for the hair only.

however, let me give you my “amongst all my hair products, here are the best ones” list:



Catwalk Sexed Up Shampoo: my hair is not only bouncy and thick, but soft, light and fragrant as well, as long as i use it 2x a week. 


Catwalk Thickening Conditioner: it makes my hair stay the way it should be all day! 


Kerastase BAIN Volumizer: it adds volume to my fine and sensitive hair. i use this once a week.


Kerastase Volumactive Mousse: it makes my nice bouncy hair, even bouncier! 


Alberto vo5 Extra Body Conditioner: this is the conditioner i use to complement my kerastase shampoo. they work well together. 


Pantene Clarifying Lotion: i use this to remove all the residues from my hair, imagine all those products i put, i’d need to use this once a week!



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