fulfilling my dream to be a CSI

i bought the CSI PC game last week entitled “Hard Evidence” and for 5 glorious cases, i was a top CSI.


however, i only got it because i was a CSI fan, but i think game experts will not like it.

main reason is that it’s really easy. i was a master in 4 cases (as i’m not yet done with the last), and for someone who only played this and the first ever CSI PC game, mastering all levels only means that the games are a piece of cake.

and the characters… oh man. i know these are just computer graphics, but i think they could’ve done better.

nick looked like a ken doll, jim looked like a bum, catherine looked like a female wrestler, sara looked like she OD’d on botox, warrick’s face looked flat, greg looked like a druggie and gil… oh gil… he seemed young, and thin. maybe bill petersen had something to do with this.


but again, i don’t mind, i liked playing the game because woohoo! i became a csi for a few days.


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