surf’s up

my weekend was uneventful

went shopping with my mom yesterday

had a few drinks (on the house) in cafe mondial last night

stayed in bed the entire day today

  • i already reached my jm-surfing saturation point
  • i’ve already reached my tryjm-contribution quota
  • i had blogged about everything i could think of
  • i finished playing the csi game
  • my dogs are already sick of me
  • i already ate half of the bread i bought yesterday


why didn’t i do anything today? you may ask. well, i was supposed to go to Subic Bay with my parents but due to the typhoon up north, we decided to just postpone it.

no social life? i refuse to spend as i am saving up for this ultra slick lens that i’ve been eyeing.

no lovelife? none

no book? i’m still on chapter 1 of the clapton book

no diving? didn’t wanna spend, remember?


it’s only 9pm and i have nothing to do… so let me just talk about one “sport” that i wanna try if my stomach decides to accept it (i could now hear my friends say that my hobbies are too expensive)… surfing. not the one i’ve been doing lately, rather, it’s the one that requires a body of water in order to accomplish something.

the philippines boasts of about 10 great surf sites, and given that summer is over here on this side of the planet, it’s a good time to hit the waves!

one of those sites is siargao. from what i’ve heard, it’s got the best waves all year-round (think hawaii-five-oh), and it’s really for the advanced surfers.


my heart is pounding just by looking at the photos.

but i guess, being able to ride this can give me a natural high! quite the opposite of diving, really, from underwater to above-water, from serene to something really nerve-wracking!


just look at these sh*t! i think i’m gonna have a heart attack.



i just hope that i will finally get over the fear of being thrown overboard and swallowing a gallon of sea water. but hey, if they can do it…



so can i. (woah, an image of my mom wincing suddenly appeared inside my head).

and apparently, this place not only has the waves to be proud of. while surfing (as in checking out the websites), i also found out that it’s a photographer’s paradise.





for more info click on the image below.


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