the convenient truth?

i read this article at the philippine daily inquirer, about how blaming man for global warming becomes a convenient excuse. the source, dr. perry ong, of the university of the philippines, mentioned a few points that might help us know what to do, instead of just giving up our electronics, turning off our lights for one hour everyday, and the like:


1. humans only contribute to 33% of global warming

2. the other 67%? nature

3. if we go back to basic science, we may be able to understand and address the issues concerning our environment


the article then goes on in naming 9 errors found in gore’s award-winning documentary.

in my opinion, global warming may be caused by a million things, man, nature, need, etc… but if everyone will do something, even in their own little way (energy conservation, research and scientific studies) i believe that we may be able to finally find the answers on how to save the world.


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