AI, an advertiser’s and a celebrity’s dream come true

here are the figures that will make advertisers and celebrities, who did not participate in the show, weep.


total viewers: 27.1 million according to nielsen (still a huge number even if it is a significant drop from the season pilot’s which is 33 million)

total votes: 97.5 million (making the content host the biggest winner for the night)

margin (between the 2 davids): 12 million (so the 56% figure that cook got was very significant)

ratings: 10.1 rating/28 share in adults 18-49, 27.06 million viewers overall from 8 to 9:03 p.m



davidsholy ratings game, batman. i can just imagine how high a cost for one 30-seconder spot for that night! how, in tarnation was it able to get that high rating? well, aside from the likes of seal, zz top, jonas brothers (viewer drawers? they are, and i don’t even know them), onerepublic and george michael, the contestants themselves drew in the viewers.

making AI one of the most powerful tv shows of its time.


let’s just hope that in return for assisting the tv station, its partners and sponsors earn millions of dollars, the careers of these money-making machines will pick-up, post AI.


on a sour note, imagine how many people saw this, my fellow countryman, during the finals.


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