it’s time for me to pay up

my friend brenda and i will be going to one of the most awesome malls in asia called, Mall of Asia — natch.


now this is a significant day for me because i will pay up for the bet i lost to her.

so what is on her list of stuff to buy as my payment is care of a day-long shopping spree…

Shoe Gazing

plus lots and lots of shirts that she can wear during the weekends.

lovely, just lovely. she’s going to buy stuff that i wear to work almost everyday.

she was actually trying to make me feel envious, but since i’m not really a shopper, i was not affected. i just told her, “i’ll just be at the AV, digital, photography and audio section of the mall, just text me if you’re done”.

she was horrified, and started asking me why i won’t shop… all i said was “i’m done. just did it over the net.”

yup, my favorite shops sell products over the net — there’s analog soul, team manila and amazon, plus i just send emails to my sister to get me stuff from 7 for all Mankind, Juicy, Citizens of Humanity, Chip and Pepper, Lucky, etc. let’s just say that i’m a loyalist when it comes to clothes.

oh and i love flea and vintage markets. i only shop in those places, over and above the Bangkok and HK street shops. i actually hate malls, too much people that it’s hard to concentrate.

yeah yeah, i’m not a typical girl. shopping will not make me weak, it’ll instead make me go insane.

that’s why for the shopping trip tomorrow, i’ll bring my camera because it’s near the bay — or else i’ll go crazy.


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