another open letter

dear john,


whew, this is becoming a habit, don’t you think? maybe i should label my open letters with issue numbers…

anyway, as indulgent as i may seem regarding photos of you wherever you are and whatever you are doing…

yes, i understand that it’s hard doing something personal if there are camera flashes going off every time you are out.

if only life was how it was during the 90s, the time i was a huge fan of nkotb… i didn’t even know who they were seeing and what they were doing when they were not on tour.

fine, lame example. but you get my point. a few things…

first of all, i’d like to apologize to you, because the paparazzi would not be in this business if they had no customers. and sad to say, i’m one of those they cater to.

and second, after the onslaught of photos of you by these disrespectful photographers tonight, in truth, i’ve OD’d on you. no no… not that i’ve already had enough of you, i still do love your work (and your supreme hotness — teehee) but i am officially declaring that i’m already sick of seeing you going to and leaving from a date. so i’ll just get news from TryJM, and MSM (aside from your official pages/sites/blogs, that is). no more surfing the net looking for the latest on you and (insert woman’s name here), no more clicking on links that they place on Try for more details on the latest sightings (but i still love you Susi, thanks for the updates, it just means that i will stop going beyond what you provide us), no more feeding to others about what i may have stumbled upon regarding your latest rendezvous, no more reading of unofficial jm forums like (insert woman’s fan forum site name here) that discuss stuff other than your work, no more clicking on the “read more” hyperlinks in gossip feeds i unwillingly receive, and no more purchasing of those supermarket tabloids (hmmm but come to think of it, i’ve not bought any gossip magazine in the last few months, actually).

i’m not sure if this is a significant thing, but it’ll stop me from helping pay for the paparazzi’s paycheck.

honestly, i’m doing this not because i feel for you (i’m not a rockstar and i have never experienced being monitored by the media 24/7), but because of this fear that someday, i will reach the saturation point of all things john mayer, that moment that i’ll just decide to lock my JM suitcase and stash it at the back of my closet. because honey, as odd as it may seem, even if your public profile is separate from what you do during your personal time, everything still boils down to you as one person.

is it a stupid way of thinking? maybe. well at least i’m gradually doing something about it.

i’m now going to regress and go back to being the type of fan that i was a year ago.

well that’s it for now… my way of making a disciplined fan out of me.

but that doesn’t mean you are spared from my whippin’ for not yet going on an asian tour.



scared of revolving doors




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