time for an exorcism

our finance manager told me this morning that the night before, she thought she saw a male being (read: ghost-like creature) sitting on my chair and just looking straight ahead.

my first reaction was: what the hell were you doing here on a Sunday evening???

then i talked to my colleague who sorta has a third eye for him to check if there really is something in my area. after a few minutes of meditation (i was trying to not to stifle a giggle here) he told me that i should lighten up. oh yeah, remember the guy i confronted yesterday? he’s also the third eye guy. maybe he was telling me to chill on him.

but whatever… anyhoo, i told the creative director and the managing director about the “evil being”, and they both had the same reaction: because you have negative vibes.


so yeah, still my fault that i have this thing here with me. ooohh, i’m really worried because yeah i really really believe in these things and i am actually trying to find ways to possess it with my much stronger negative force… (end of sarcasm here).


Quote of the Day:
School is a drill for the battle of life. If you fail in the drill you will fail in the battle.
–Karl G. Maeser


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