pampering myself within 24 hours

i think i’ve already pampered myself too much, but i am not complaining…


last night, i met up with my friend, who was already drunk. and while we waited for the alcohol to go down, i was finishing up a pitcher of strawberry margarita in metro phi bar. yum. wait wait wait. i’m not an alcoholic, i actually detest tequila, but the margarita in phi is awesome. why? because i’ve already downed a pitcher and i was fine, and that only means that it was not a strong mix. just enough.



this morning, i got my new cell phone, a nokia e61i! i absolutely love it, i can browse the net as it is wifi capable and  i can receive my pop emails (that includes my work and personal emails)… the only things i need from a mobile phone, aside from the SMS and call services. inexpensive, simple yet very very functional.

My Nokia


and this afternoon, i had a massage at my favorite spa. but instead of getting the usual swedish, shiatsu or thai massages, i got the ol’ trusted Filipino Hilot in my private room. believe me, it’s the best massage i’ve ever had.



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