not all good looking guys are hot

i just came home from having a few drinks with one of the greatest looking guys i know…

so what happened?

we met up in this bar nearby and i ended up walking… for 45 minutes… to get to that place he chose. when he learned that i was walking, all he said was “shucks. ok, relax.”

when i got there, he said “i could’ve picked you up”. my thought balloon? “drive your bmw to hell, dude”

all we talked about was work work work.

he saw a friend there who asked him about “ellen”.

someone kept on texting him, and since i could read words that are upside-down, i took a peek, and saw that the sender was an “ellen”.


the only good thing he did? paid for dinner. and that was just a lame thing, as far as i’m concerned.


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