it sucks to be left out

it is so obvious that he wasn’t talking to me.

anyway, nice shots, dude. but why is there a toupee floating above the first john (see photo number 1)? yeah, i’m talking to you.

Tour 2008

Rehearsal (Ricoh GRII Digital, Tripod, Photoshop)

I’m headed back on the road today… It’s kind of like that scene in The Abyss when they put that helmet filled with fluid over Ed Harris’ character’s head. That guy says “we breathe water for nine months in the womb. Your body will remember!”…
I think the same is true for touring. As (relatively) long as it’s been, I’m sure that when I step up on stage and that energy in the room holds the whole thing upright, I’ll sink back in.

It’s the only thing I do globally well, playing music. Everything else in my life tips its hat to it…

The Guitar Rig

Chad, David and George Getting Sounds

See you out there.


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