story plot


a popular news correspondent in one of the biggest TV stations was always on the look out for a breaking story, going beyond the boundaries just to be able to share with people something that they are not firmly aware of.  one day, up in the mountains, she decided to break protocol and went to meet with the most powerful and dangerous group of bandits in the country, just to find out what’s happening on their end.

but betrayal was never far from her. in her journey to reach what could be a piece that will define her career, she and her team fell into a trap that was set up by someone whom they trusted, someone who lured them to become captives of their supposed news subjects. nobody knew where they were and what happened to them, until news broke out and everyone became aware that a celebrity (in her own right) was in danger — as a result of her ambition and carelessness.

a famous senator came into the picture, and together with the army, the police and the local government, successfully negotiated for the release of the team. but was it really successful? hundreds of thousands of dollars were allegedly delivered to the captors, conspiracies arose and suspects were arrested, including a member of the negotiating team whose credibility and intentions are being questioned now. as days passed, more and more information came out, making it hard for the investigators to find the answers to the question: what really did happen up there?

only the victim would know what has transpired during the days she and her crew were held hostage. but this will only happen when gets over the trauma of being nearly killed, and in the process, eventually realize the value of her life as compared to her career.

nice plot for a movie right?

but the thing is, this was not just a movie. this was real.


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