the sentiments of people about dela (or david labruyere) not playing bass for mayer anymore are mixed.

“we may all be sad but at the end of the day, we are pulled in together by that person whose name is on the concert ticket.”

“dela has been there since the beginning… how could john fire him?”

“whatever happened, it’s between the two of them, let’s not get involved.”

“i will wear my ‘where’s dela’ t-shirt when i go watch mayer’s concert.”

“dela took a risk in supporting this kid, and now, this is what he gets.”

“don’t you think not having dela is hard for john too?”

“as fans of john, he could’ve at least given us a head’s up before the tour started.”

“i am pissed with the fact that dela doesn’t even know why he was dropped.”

my sentiment?

whatever floats their boat. i love both and this thing will not make me hate any of them.

i have invented the word dela’d (v), which means “dropped from a group or organization, with no clear reason, by someone whom you have supported and helped from the very beginning”

sentence use:

judging from an email that i received from my boss, i could feel that i am being dela’d.





dela, sorry you got dela’d. will miss you when i view the latest concert videos in youtube. hope you’re happy with whatever you’re doing now.


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