guess who PM’d me?

i don’t want to be a big chatter box, but i just got thrilled when i received a message from DAVID LABRUYERE. he’s jm’s former bass player, who is known and admired even by people outside the mayer realm — that’s how good he is.



Hi Agnes, thanks for writing and best I can tell you is that your questions are probably best suited for John. Ha, I really don’t know anything about it. Have fun at John’s shows 🙂

so what was that message about? if you’re a mayer fan, you’d know.

did i reply?

‘course i did.


4 thoughts on “guess who PM’d me?”

  1. Such sad news. I’d be interested to know if you hear any more from him. What a great player…he’ll definitely be missed. He’s half the reason I like John Mayer…and the main reason I spent $160 on a 4th row seat at the San Diego show in a couple weeks! What a bummer to find out I’ll be watching some replacement. I’ll def. keep tabs on the next steps in his career.

    scared of revolving doors: hi doug. i think you’ll be thrilled to know that the “replacement” is the great sean hurley from vertical horizon. lucky you!

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