i’m the network guy in the office


some colleagues of mine, if they’re in a good mood, call me “the Hub”.

and it’s more than just my IT assignment in the office.

it’s because they always encounter people i know (mere acquaintances, relatives or good friends). i kinda have a connection to people who come their way — either they’ve met them or they’ve met people who know people whom i know. the farthest they’ve counted was 2nd degrees… yeah they like minding my own business, really.

nah, it’s not a gift, nor a reflection of my social butterfly status (because i am not). this is a result of having sociable exes, a job as a party events point person that are held in bars and clubs in my past life, and a set of friends who are real butterflies.

case in point: i just came from a rehearsals session for a shoot we’re doing this week, i was at the corner, watching our talents, when i learned, by reading the directory of the karate studio that we rented for the night, that the owner is someone i played badminton with a few years back. i practically shook my head when i was able to confirm with the studio secretary that the owner is indeed the person i know.


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