12 hour days

just got home from yet another 12-hour day. been having this lately, but i am not complaining because i am doing what i think is what i’m capable of — strategic planning. yes, there are a lot to prove to people, but proving now is much easier as compared to when i had a lot of things to do such as IT and account managing. i have learned to focus.

i have learned to sleep early (which is actually killing me since i end up waking up really really early as i am used to sleeping for only 6 hours), light up my lavender candle, while sipping tea just before bedtime.

i have come to find pleasure in simple things again.

work? well, it will still be a cause of stress, but at least, this stress is much lower because i am not doing anything that i didn’t want to do. and the people in the office, are much more open to me and consult with me when needed.

everything is back to normal.

now, if only i could go back to religiously following the tv shows i love…


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