"why do kids get sick, mom?"

this was a question given by a child to his mother, who read to him john’s latest blog post.

john talked about Isaac, an adorable 4 year old with Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome, a rare disease that prevents the formation of cells that build the body’s systems and tissues. in fact, it causes the regression of some of the bodily functions/development of a child stricken with it, even at a very innocent age of 3.

john and isaac met at the toronto concert’s meet and greet session (he usually chats with some lucky fans before the start of the show), and since this little tyke blew john’s mind off with his wit and intelligence, they instantly connected, giving both of them the best night of their lives, with isaac living his simple dream… to be able to walk through the concert venue hallway, towards the stage, with the band.

click the website image below to read isaac’s father’s post about this night.


the post’s title is “life lessons from john mayer”, but i think, for john, and the rest of his fans, this is more about lessons in life from this little kid — who requested that he and the band shout “john mayer!” during the pre-show huddle.

it creates this huge realization about life, doesn’t it?

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