indiana jones



i only watched the movie today, funny. and to think i was one of those who couldn’t wait to see the film. why? because i don’t like going to movie houses.

anyway, true to its form, IJ4 was full of action, adventure, suspense, riddles and puzzles… but amidst all these is the sentimental mood. the return of a beloved, reminiscing the happy times, reunion of a family , discovery of life… and long lost love. of course, the comic relief that indy and his dad had in the 3rd installment was missed, that’s why during a short, split second scene of indy talking about his dad, i couldn’t help but be misty-eyed.indiana-jones-and-the-kingdom-of-the-crystal-skull-20080320053950171_640w

however, i need to point out some things that made the movie a bit weird. just a bit.

– can’t really believe that kid from “even stevens” played a motorcyle-driving school drop-out, who seemed to be a character out of grease, the movie.

– cate blanchett as a dark-haired russian, who reminded me of the main character in “final fantasy”.

– alien? UFO? come on!

but then again, harrison ford, who is what, 60 years old? has played that character, which he is best known for (sorry star wars guys, i’m an indiana jones fan), really well, as if i was watching “raiders of the lost ark” all over again.

only he can be indy.


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