let’s talk about religion

righteousness_by_faith1 this is one tricky subject matter that i normally avoid. there are hundreds of religions in the world and everyone is entitled to choose whatever they are comfortable with. this is important as the person also chooses to live a certain way of life.

ok before we continue, please note that i am not in a great state and i only want to write down what is currently inside my head.

i am roman catholic. not a devout one, i do not participate in rituals such as sunday masses, rosaries, novenas and the like. but if there’s one thing that i strictly follow, making it even a mantra of my own, is this: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

ok, if you are not catholic or not into religion, i encourage you to shift to another page. this is a free world (in the web).

anyway, loving God, or any person for that matter, is more than just saying “I LOVE YOU”. there are 3 words mentioned in the commandment that should be given weight — HEART (feel the love), SOUL (live that love) and MIND (always think with that love). easy to say, yet hard to do. just to clarify, i am not one to say that i actually put that love above everything else, but i am proud to say that most of the time, i follow that way of life. i may not be there at church all the time, but i follow God’s way, because that’s what i expect myself to do.

do not harm others, do not instill pain and fear onto others. respect others’ belief and opinions, but be strong with mine. work to make a difference… promote the good of mankind, not of myself.

avoid doing these things:

1. talk ill about people.

2. talk ill about people you work with. just confront, be honest, be open.

3. talk ill about my so-called friends

4. scheme against someone without being up front about issues.

5. not be responsible for people who need my help.

6. be stuck in the moment, eventually being stuck in the past.

7. cause pain on others without them knowing why they are being treated that way.

8. stop myself from growing as a person due to sentiments.

9. be quiet even if my voice is needed in order to make a difference.

10. let bygones be bygones, if the supposed “bygones” happened for the betterment of one’s self and others’ esteem.

11. be discouraged from believing.

12. not admit that someone was right and her actions made me human.

13. look up to people who do items 1 to 12, and leave behind who is far better than that.

the power of prayer is misunderstood.

people pray for help, repentance, encouragement, strength.

but there are some who simply pray in order to be guided by God in everything that they do, and strongly understand that God does not draw up a map for us, He just gives us choices.

there are people who shout out that they are true believers of God, and that His powers can just make them holy in one snap. come on, let’s give God credit here. at the end of the day, we follow a way of life, and it’s our responsibility to make ourselves good. God is there to remind us on how to live.

belief is something one should live out. it’s not just lip service. yes, He has done wondrous things to all of us, but in the end, do we think that we deserve all these things from Him? do we think that since God has been so good to us (He is good to everyone, not just a select few), we already have a right to be above everybody? would that mean that money can buy everything, even people, since God has blessed you with these?

are we allowed to do inhumane things since God has given us more than what we needed?

are we allowed to act as if we are just like Him because we were able to survive an ordeal that supposedly strengthened our faith in him?

should God give us a free pass because our faith is strong during the moments that we are so down and nobody else could help?

should God let us bask on our successes even if it would mean stepping on others’ toes?



that’s why i am careful with how i handle my faith. because through this moment of reflection, i realized that i have no right to say that i am truly a warrior of God. i only have belief for now, and i am in no way above everyone because i have yet to know how i can live my faith out.


One thought on “let’s talk about religion”

  1. Sometime belief is all we need – and sometimes that’s all God has intended for us for the time being. Imagine what the world would be like if more people were simply happy with their belief without having to cross that line and condemn the beliefs of others.

    A wonderful and heart-felt blog! Thank you for sharing. God’s Peace.

    scared of revolving doors: thanks! i needed that.

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