aquarium photo op

last weekend, my parents and i went to the new manila ocean park to see what the big fuzz was all about. we are a well-traveled family, you see, so we’d like to know how these new attractions fair as compared to what we have seen around the world.

what you’ll see here are not photos of the place, but of the various creatures found in this new structure.


ordinary, but gigantic!



cross-bred from various animals?


inanimate objects?


the scary ones…

look at the eyes of those 2… geez



the sole reason why i love scuba diving…


it’s not yet completely built, but some of the aquariums are already open to the public.

so our evaluation of the place? they did a great job. lots of points for improvement, but a great start, nonetheless. it has a lot of potential… how do i know? because it made my parents’ day.


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