gifts that came too late

i was looking around my room a few minutes ago because i was bored. it’s a sunday, it’s raining, my dogs are doing their own thing and i just came from my r&r in the diamond hotel so i didn’t wanna move.

anyway, i found 2 items that somehow made me reminisce about my once-exciting love life. these are things that i got for my exes right before we parted ways.


1 a tasmanian devil stuffed toy for this guy i dated on and off for a year. we had a fight and he held custody of our baby (the harley davidson zippo lighter). i wanted to give him the doll with an accompanying note saying, “sorry for being such a mean little devil”. well, guess what? we both moved on and the poor thing is now left on my shelf.




23676227__1210351474__1__1-785a9037d94d41fee92da7bd9401d459___big__ the complete season of “friends” that my last boyfriend had been eyeing. a day after we broke up, the DVD box set, which i ordered online, arrived.


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